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Lexis to help recession hit lawyers with free online training

LexisNexis has announced it will support out of work lawyers by providing free access to its online training courses and the Lexis PSL Professional Support Lawyer service.  The new initiative, known as the Lexis Legal Intelligence Network is available now to lawyers who register with, and are recommended by, one of LexisNexis' partner recruitment consultancies: GMK and Lipson Lloyd-Jones. By joining the network lawyers will be able to actively keep up to date with the law, fulfill their ongoing CPD obligations and network with peers.

“There are many excellent lawyers who have been displaced by recent layoffs. In addition to the stress of job hunting they are facing the dilemma of deciding whether they can afford to pay to renew their practice certificates this October, and if they can invest in training to maintain their CPD accreditation.” said Alex Dumbrell, Head of KnowHow, LexisNexis. “By offering CPD accredited training and Lexis PSL at no cost, via the Legal Intelligence Network, we hope that we can make it easier for unemployed lawyers to stay fully engaged with our profession. We aim to better equip them for their next role as we move into a new world of legal practice.”

Over the coming months LexisNexis will work closely with members of the network to develop additional features that will provide the Legal Intelligence Network with additional opportunities for lawyers to further develop their careers and professional contacts.  

LexisNexis worked with a select number of lawyers as beta testers to refine this first stage of the network. Joanna Bhatia, one of these lawyers, said, “I am confident that the opportunity to extend and deepen my legal knowledge, and the new contacts I have made through LexisNexis, leave me very well placed as I return to the jobs market.” 

To join the Legal Intelligence Network people just need to register their interest at – lawyers who have been recommended by one of our recruitment partners will then receive access codes for Lexis PSL and Butterworths webinars.

14 replies on “Lexis to help recession hit lawyers with free online training”

Perhaps LN could also give them a free ticket to the Alternative Legal IT Event to ensure that the numbers attending look good? Could be the most busiest event in years.

Once again, LexisNexis is the place to be, helping lawyers achieve excellence in the business and practice of law, worldwide, 24/7,,,,,,,,,

Its a great thing that LexisNexis does not forget its customers when they are not currently pracitsing, or between parts, the fact that they beleive in education so strongly is an admirable thing

In the words of the late John Junor, “Pass the sick-bag, Alice”. And, to use another of his phrases, “Was that from a LN cloned member of staff – I don't know but I think we should be told”.

Well I hate to risk restarting that whole Star Wars thread we had going last year but the LexisNexis logo is known as the Death Star so clones should be no surprise !

“Its a great thing that LexisNexis does not forget its customers when they are not currently pracitsing, or between parts”
It's (notice the correct use of an apostrophe when it's used in its meaning of it is) a great thing that an employee of a publishing company would never use the word “pracitsing” if they could be bothered to do things correctly. And “between parts”? The mind boggles. Another Michael Jackson joke perhaps?

And just thought that “they beleive in education so strongly is an admirable thing” would be more admirable if that education helped to learn how to spell. “i” before “e” except after “c” when the sound is “double e”. (And that despite this site has a spill chucker to help)

LexisNexis is a very strong brand, well respected and known, as far as the logo goes, some say its a shower head, or even a cricket ball, it is in fact designed to show information cascading around the globe 24/7, which is a lot of what they do.
You can nit pick all you like but the Company remains strong and will continue to do good works both for its customers and on a pro bono basis. Lexis Cares provides a huge range of help to its local communities ranging from creating jobs for ladies in India right the way through to sponsoring sailing for inner city children in New York. And, they dont stint on helping with free legal services in the right situations, hence the free ongoing legal trainingfor out of work lawyers.

With spelling like that it is probably no surprise that you are using the free service.

Oh lordy, lordy, the word 'company' written with an upper-case 'C' – we really are dealing with an inhouse PR apparatchik pretending to be a member of the human race.

“as far as the logo goes, some say its a shower head, or even a cricket ball” – as if an American/Dutch conglomerate have even heard of cricket – its the Star Wars death star because it employs clones who have gone over the the dark side of the force!

“the the” dark side, dont worry, i wont give you a hard time on typos, we are all human, thanks for the exposure and the banter

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