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Lexis unveil Streamline

At today's UK user conference LexisNexis announced the launch of LexisNexis Streamline – which the company describes as “an innovative next
generation business process management platform, tailored specifically to the
needs of the legal industry”. Streamline also provides
a systems integration toolkit including pre-built adapters for best-of-breed third-party
applications, flexible workflow, enterprise data modelling and innovative document
assembly capabilities, all underpinned by the latest Microsoft technologies, in
a single platform.


Mishcon de Reya Solicitors is currently rolling out Streamline as part of a larger technology
consolidation and re-engineering programme. The firm is creating an
enterprise-wide workflow-based platform encompassing all legal and business
processes to maximise efficiency gains. The Orange Rag understands that LexisNexis is currently in negotiations with two more top 100 UK firms.


Commenting on his firm’s plans and LexisNexis Streamline,
Nick Taylor-Delahoy, Director of IT at Mishcon de Reya said “We are committed to eliminating inefficiencies and making
full use of our current technology to prepare for the upturn in the
economy.  We want to provide the
best possible service to our clients and LexisNexis Streamline is the
technology solution which makes this possible. We were particularly impressed
by the open nature of the development tools, meaning our internal IT team could
be up and running almost immediately. 
LexisNexis Streamline has ensured that we have the ability to ‘do more
with less’, without duplicating data or purchasing additional large IT assets.”


The Toolkit component of LexisNexis Streamline offers firms rapid new
application development and deployment capabilities, allowing them to evolve
their IT strategy quickly to meet the changing needs of the business. Firms
looking to create bespoke point solutions do not need to build from scratch.
The platform is based on industry standard Microsoft .NET technologies such as
Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, VisualStudio,
Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint, offering firms an open and familiar
development environment. Using ready built Legal Frameworks within the
platform, developers can produce solutions quickly and easily. Because the data
integration adaptors are pre-built for best of breed legal applications, these
new solutions are easily integrated without disrupting the core applications.

Comment: The announcement also suggests the start of a rebranding exercise as all the references are to LexisNexis and Streamline, with the old Visualfiles now dropped from the picture.

13 replies on “Lexis unveil Streamline”

Come on guys, it is Friday morning and I'm looking forward to the weekend and nothing would make a better starter than a screen full of vitriolic comment about how Lexis have killed off Visualfiles. Where are all the anonymous bloggers out there who normally pitch in at a moments notice and with even less grasp of the facts than I have :-)? Perhaps Lexis will run a Masterclass on how to take a successful business and totally screw it over. RIP Visualfiles.

Wow, I told you, LexisNexis is the place to be, amazing innovation, and endorsed by such an eminent Firm

Shall I toss a few personal insults at you to get today's feeding frenzy underway?

Does anybody know if 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support are going to be UK based or subcontinent based?

Not only have they screwed the business but also destroyed employee morale which is why so many people continue to leave.

I was at the conference and I think you'll find that Visualfiles is very much alive and well, with most delegates I spoke to quite excited about the transformation that is happening at Lexis as evidenced by the days events, including the announcements that Visualfiles and other Lexis products like DNA can soon be wrapped into the Streamline .Net environment. Clever stuff and the first sign that Lexis are doing the right things to take their client base forward.

Anyone else heard the rumour that Lexis are looking to unload the Axxia business because they don't know what to do with DNA? Perhaps that explains why Lexis UK currently has consultants in from both UK & US consultancies?

I don't follow that consultants over here from the USA is necessarily proof positive that Axxia and dna are to be unloaded. If you had said the brass from LN USA were over here then it would make the argument a stronger one. Perhaps if we knew the area(s) of expertise of the current visitors it may help in the deductive endeavours.
Other reasons you may find some consultants visiting this sceptred isle:
– exposure to Streamline given LN has always seen the USA as a market for that
– showing some of the technology available from the USA. There is a wide software portfolio within LN with some scope for (perhaps limited) crossover to the UK.
I will be the first to conced that both alternatives have less of a frisson than the alarmist interpretation about unloading a recent aquisition but fact does often get in the way of a decent conspiracy.

If this true perhaps Messrs Holden, Hadingham, Kirby et all might tempt Mr McLachlan out of retirement and buy it back?

Will Lexis release .NET classes so that programmers can write their own code that will communicate with their products directly?
I use a Visualfiles product at the moment which has a truly awful scripting language built in to it.
If you could use .NET to replace, that would be great.

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