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LexisNexis and Kestrel in Streamline partnership

and Kestrel Business Solutions today announced a strategic partnership between the two
organisations to implement, deliver and add value to LexisNexis Streamline in
the large law segment of the legal market. LexisNexis Streamline (which grew out of the Visualfiles Mailla project) is an
innovative next generation business process management platform, tailored
specifically to the needs of the legal industry.


Alex Young, Client Liaison Director at Kestrel Business Solutions, said
“LexisNexis Streamline is the first of its kind and a market challenger. Over
the years, the mid to large sized law firms have invested heavily in
best-of-breed applications and now in the current economic climate in
particular are looking to further exploit those technologies to maximise tangible
business benefits, especially in the front office. Up until now there have been
limited tools available that genuinely allow firms to cost-effectively and
easily build on their existing systems, and leverage the modern
Microsoft-centric architecture and skills that already exist within their

6 replies on “LexisNexis and Kestrel in Streamline partnership”

Nice, this is another example of where LexisNexis is not just snapping up products, but really building in the correct consultancey by engaging respected implementors like Kestrel to ensure project delivery, LN, the place to be once again………………..

I wouldn’t go that far, granted they have got their overall strategy and product direction right. But their employee’s in both Axxia and Visualfiles are really unhappy despite what the management team may tell you.

Great to see an official partnership that really makes sense and without either party trying to hide anything as has so often been the case with other vendor/partner relationships in the past. This particulary arrangement sounds like a solid piece of value-add for the market.

Its amazing what can be read into with two paragraphs of text.. These comments sound like internal “blowing smoke up ass”. My understanding of Lexis and the new much improved professional services model, is that this sort of consultancy was to be handled by LN staff as they have the best understanding of thier own product range. Dont see how Kestrel Business Solutions offer value in this arrangement other than providing hands to do. How will clients get support for 3rd party consultancy work on implementation and solutions. Sounds like a backward step for LN..

Doesn't this imply that Lexis have either insufficient numbers of consultants to implement Manila / Streamline or insufficiently skilled consultants maybe. Or does it imply that they are getting rid of a problem?
After all, they’re a content provider and not a software company.
Outsourcing, which is common place in Lexis will without a shadow of a doubt mean that this is an expensive solution, out of the reach of most law firms.

You are correct, LexisNexis went through mad frenzy of getting rid of loads of people earlier this year and same thing is starting again with more employees jobs under treat. These wounds are self inflicted if you get rid of your best, hardworking, experience and knowledgeable people your company is going to struggle in the long run.

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