and Kestrel Business Solutions today announced a strategic partnership between the two
organisations to implement, deliver and add value to LexisNexis Streamline in
the large law segment of the legal market. LexisNexis Streamline (which grew out of the Visualfiles Mailla project) is an
innovative next generation business process management platform, tailored
specifically to the needs of the legal industry.


Alex Young, Client Liaison Director at Kestrel Business Solutions, said
“LexisNexis Streamline is the first of its kind and a market challenger. Over
the years, the mid to large sized law firms have invested heavily in
best-of-breed applications and now in the current economic climate in
particular are looking to further exploit those technologies to maximise tangible
business benefits, especially in the front office. Up until now there have been
limited tools available that genuinely allow firms to cost-effectively and
easily build on their existing systems, and leverage the modern
Microsoft-centric architecture and skills that already exist within their