LexisNexis Legal & Professional has entered a collaboration between InterAction and Index Solutions, a contact cleaning and monitoring services provider founded by Denis Anscomb, as Lexis continues to build out partnerships to support and bolster its flagship CRM system. We spoke to Anscomb about what Index can offer.

Index Solutions, which was a part of Mishcon de Reya’s MDR LAB startup incubator last year, improves relationship-based business development by using human and artificial intelligence to clean data.

While at MDR LAB it essentially pivoted to become entirely focussed on working with InterAction customers and it has been working with Mishcon for over a year to keep its contact data up to date.

CRM systems are only as good as the data they have available and speaking to Legal IT Insider, Anscomb said: “Most firms have data that is incomplete and out of date and that trickle-down effect is massive.

“The world changed six months ago, and everyone has had to go digital. Our ability to rely on being in contact with people at parties and conference has all gone and you have to rely more than ever on your contacts list, which is often out of date and lacking in detail. If you’re going to communicate you can’t just spam your entire list and we help solve those data issues.”

Index provides two primary services:

•       Contact cleaning, a one-time or subscription-based service that simplifies data cleaning. Index will access selected fields in selected InterAction contact records, analyze contact information against public data and proactively discover updates to a contact’s professional profile.

•       Contact monitoring, an ongoing service that ensures your firm is relying on the most up-to-date information. Index will update contact information directly in InterAction as public data changes such as job changes, new locations, and more.

Index, which is also involved in contract labelling, has a very large human QA element to its solution and one that Anscomb describes as an Uber approach – staff are graded and given the opportunity to rise up the ranks as they do within Uber.

The company has built up a globally dispersed review process in order to field work depending on the complexity of the task. The company decouples data from its source before cleaning it.

“The success of any CRM solution depends on the quality and accuracy of the underlying data,” said Scott Wallingford, senior vice president and general manager of software solutions at LexisNexis in a statement today (11 November). “Our collaboration with Index is built on the shared premise that technology can’t replace people, but it can certainly enhance their capabilities. The integration with Index strengthens our already comprehensive set of technology and services to help clients create a culture of high-quality data.”

“We’ve been working with Index over the past year to keep our contact data up to date and our lawyers better informed on their clients and prospects,” said Dan Sinclair, head of Mishcon de Reya LAB. “This new integration with LexisNexis InterAction is a big step forward that will make data hygiene effortless for us.”

InterAction recently entered into partnership with Foundation Software and speaking to Legal IT Insider at the time of that announcement, director of product management Scott Winter said it is going for a best of breed approach to strengthening its offerings.