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LexisNexis + Microsoft ‘The Dynamic Law Firm’

25th October 2012
Microsoft, Cardinal Place, London

Join us for an executive briefing and networking lunch jointly hosted by LexisNexis and Microsoft, ‘The Dynamic Law Firm’ where a panel of experts will share insight into how technology can help law firms address complex business challenges pertaining to changing business structures and mergers, process and legal service delivery, profitability and competitive pricing models, and more.


• The road ahead – the key challenges faced by law firms in 2013
Andy Sparkes, Head of Strategy, LexisNexis

• How to turn the traditional law firm into a different kind of business
Simon Thompson, Change Harbour Consulting

• Getting IT right: Utilising technology to drive a profitable business
Fraser Mayfield, Product Director Project Nimbus, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

• LexisNexis and Microsoft – Delivering future success for law firms today
Pat Fitzhenry, Director, Global ISV Recruitment & Enablement, Microsoft

• Panel Session
Alan Fraser, General Manager, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

If you would like the opportunity to join us email