Australian legal practice managers can now ‘loan out’ loose-leaf titles to practitioners quickly and easily across their firm with Australia’s first web-based digital library portal: the LexisNexis Red Digital Library.

Since the launch of LexisNexis Red in 2012, almost 1700 legal practitioners (including 280 dedicated in-court NSW police prosecutors) have accessed the most up-to-date legal reference and research materials via their portable devices using the world’s first mobile digital referencing tool for lawyers. The LexisNexis Red Digital library extends the service to all practitioners in firms that use LexisNexis.

The LexisNexis Red Digital Library features new enhancements, including:

• Account management: LexisNexis Red’s new web-based portal will allow customers to access their LexisNexis Red accounts directly, giving them visibility and control of their own accounts and subscriptions. The secure, online self-service portal is designed to enhance the user experience and allow customer to save time and improve productivity.

• LexisNexis Red Digital Library: New e-lending functionality which provides users with access to a new, ‘loan subscription’ model. Red is an effective e-lending solution that is easy to use and will improve the quality of service a firm’s library can give without breaking the budget. Red’s new e-lending functionality will lend titles customers subscribe to on Red to users in the firm, and track the process from start to finish.

• Support: Enhancements to the iPad and PC apps to support the new e-lending functionality through accessibility and transparency. Users of LexisNexis Red can now access their loaned titles easily, differentiate them from their subscriptions, and see how many remaining days are left under each loan title