LexisNexis is hosting its first ever live webinar, to coincide with the launch of the 2007 edition of The Civil Court Practice (the 'Green Book). The free webinar, which takes place on 17 April, will include a pre-recorded presentation from The Rt Hon The Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, and three live lectures given by Green Book senior contributing editor David Di Mambro, and editorial board members David Greene and Master Leslie. The live session allows users to interact with the panel, or pre-submit questions, while they can also gain two CPD points by completing a series of multiple choice questions afterwards.

The formal announcement goes on to say “This e-learning facility is an area which LexisNexis believes can complement its existing portfolio of services. Webinars are becoming an increasingly popular form of training and this pilot session marks the company's first foray into streaming media to deliver learning material.” Truly we live in an age of miracles, a legal publisher has embraced 21st century social media technology.

LexisNexis Emerging Products Specialist Ann Hemming said, “e-learning has raised some interesting questions over how to provide additional value to our customers. LexisNexis believes that providing live and recorded webinars will offer our customers opportunities to interact with our editors and authors, and gain CPD points in a convenient and cost effective manner. Webinars are easy to access and will prove popular with legal professionals who will benefit greatly from the insight offered by our high-profile speakers.”

This year's edition of the Green Book includes coverage of the radical changes made by the Consumer Credit Act 2006, new rules introduced by CPR Part 36, updates to pre-action Protocols, and the new Practice Direction clarifying Part 8 Procedure (successor to the old originating summons motion or application).

The Green Book webinar will be available at www.lexisnexis.co.uk/greenbook and will be streamed live on Tuesday 17 April between 12:30pm – 1:30pm. It will be available on the site for three months and is available in a number of different formats to make it as accessible as possible.