LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions has launched Lexis Visualfiles 2014, the latest release of the company’s legal workflow and case management system. Introducing a contemporary and intuitive Microsoft Office-style user interface, Visualfiles 2014 delivers significant enhancements for improved user experience. This version is also the architectural foundation upon which new  functionality will be built to support user experience, management reporting, industry standard development and integration with LexisOne, an enterprise-grade business management system powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX.


“Visualfiles 2014 marks the next stage in the evolution of this solution,” commented Andy Sparkes, General Manager, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. “We are committed to ensuring that Visualfiles continues to lead the way in legal workflow and case management; and always remains a risk-free, intuitive and future-proof platform for customers.”

The familiar Microsoft Office look and feel, along with intuitive system navigation, delivers efficiency and productivity benefits to users. Visualfiles 2014 has been designed to be backwards compatible. This means that customers will be able to upgrade to Visualfiles 2014 without rewriting any of their existing business applications. In addition to all the traditional Visualfiles capabilities, Visualfiles 2014 supports the use of industry standard software development tools (e.g. .NET) to extend its rapid application development capabilities for customers. It also integrates seamlessly with the latest Visualfiles Outlook Plus advanced matter management functionality for Microsoft Office 2013.

COMMENT: Visualfiles 2014 is available on a Progress database for existing users of the software, as well as on a Microsoft SQL Server platform. The big question is: will the new system merely stop to flow of existing Visualfiles users switching to the competition – mainly Eclipse Proclaim? Or, will it win new business from potential LexisOne sites, where the the competition, along with Eclipse, also includes Elite MatterSphere plus new case management offerings this year from Advanced Legal and Aderant?