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Linklaters picks Autonomy IDOL for KM

Autonomy Corporation today announced that Linklaters, with 26 offices and around 5000 employees worldwide, is implementing a new user-orientated enterprise search platform, powered by Autonomy’s IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer).

In a project spearheaded by Autonomy and longstanding Autonomy partner Okana, now part of the Realise group, Linklaters selected Autonomy’s IDOL for enterprise search due to its unique conceptual abilities, language independence, scalability and ability to connect to virtually every data repository.

“The genesis of this project was to provide quick and easy access to our wealth of internal knowledge for our lawyers,” said Suzanne Fine, Global Head of Knowledge & Learning, Linklaters. “Partnering with Autonomy and Okana has given us the opportunity to offer a simple search solution across Linklaters' global network.”

Unlike legacy approaches, Autonomy’s enterprise search solution is also designed to put the users in complete control of their information environment and enable them to explore the information relevant to them through an easy-to-use search interface.

“This project is about turning the idea of enterprise search on its head, and creating an interface that is focused on the very people who consume the information – our lawyers,” said Gerard Bredenoord, Head of Knowledge, Linklaters. “Okana’s Sense User Interface combined with Autonomy’s IDOL enterprise search provides our lawyers with an intuitive interface designed with them in mind, allowing both implicit and active conceptual searches that deliver only the most relevant information.”

Linklaters is using IDOL to index some 250,000 curated legal knowledge documents, rendering a subset of key, approved legal knowledge searchable for over 2200 lawyers globally.