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Litera running webinar series next week

Paul Hoffbrand of Litera is running a series of webinars next week – they all start 4:15pm on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of October and run for 30 minutes.  They will be demonstrating Litéra new Launchpad product – described by the Orange Rag as “game changing”!
Each meeting is accessed in the same way as follows:
Telephone number:  0844 545 2500
Participant access code:  26415
Here is some more blurb: Litéra's recently released LaunchPad eliminates the need to integrate with Microsoft Office or Adobe. This technology eliminates headaches and support issues, while increasing productivity and savings. Simon Kosminsky, IT Director at SJ Berwin, said “We looked at Litéra for a long time. We liked the product, the people, the company and the value for money. Our due diligence showed that Litéra met our standards in terms of reliability, ease of use and support.”

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So kosminsky buys from hoffbrand -is that really news? Shame it can't compete with the years of r&d gone into Workshare

Interesting comments! Does kosminsky buy for hoffbrand a lot?

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