(APT13) Consultant
Location: London
Type: Permanent
Salary: £40,000.00 Per Annum
Job Title: Litigation Support Specialist

Department: Legal Technologies

Location: City of London

Status: Full-time

This global, rapidly growing, risk consultancy firm are seeking a Litigation Support Specialist to join their Legal Technologies Team in the City of London.

This position requires an Advanced Degree in Information Technology or related field and/or specialised skills in eDisclosure/eDiscovery, a solid SQL background and excellent written and verbal communication skills. Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), or AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) credentials would be advantegous.

Extensive travel may be required and a European passport or work visa that allows for unrestricted travel is therefore required.

The right candidate will be working closely with Consultants and Project Managers to formulate and execute effective and commercially sound solutions for the company, as well as law firm clients facing complex regulatory, investigative or litigation issues.


Responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to:

• Performing evidence intake and maintenance, consistent with a defensible chain-of-custody protocol
• Preparing electronically stored information for processing by performing simple data extraction from a standard image format to a more complex data conversion or tape restoration activity

• Processing data using proprietary application, while exercising a rigorous quality assurance protocol
• Generating deliverables to highly complex and detailed disclosure requests
• Providing technical support for our Consultant and Project Management Teams
• Performing basic data acquisition while maintaining proper data acquisition and chain-of-custody documentation
• Creating timely and customised reporting for Project Management Team


• Thorough understanding and working knowledge of entire eDisclosure/eDiscovery workflow, spanning data collection through production
• Extensive knowledge of the concepts, principles, and guidelines of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)
• Competent understanding of standard evidence handling procedures
• Working knowledge of multiple computer forensics and data restoration tools used to preserve, investigate, recover, and convert electronically stored information

• Proficient with MAC, UNIX/Linux and Windows operating systems

• Very high level of attention to detail

• Ability to work both independently and with a global team at the pace and culture of urgency required in litigation support

To find out more call 0845 689 6499 or apply via www.apt-search.co.uk