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Loss adjusters switch to Bighand on Blackberry to replace portable dictation devices

Leading chartered loss adjusters Merlin Claims has deployed BigHand for BlackBerry as a replacement for portable dictation devices. The organisation upgraded its enterprise dictation software from nFlow to the BigHand 4 platform which delivers apps for the BlackBerry, iPhone and Android platforms. Benefits of the BigHand platform include the ability to take and attach photos and documents, advanced workflow management, integrated speech recognition and Crystal based analytics module for enhanced management reporting.

Ian Maudsley, IT & Project Director at Merlin Claims said “Here at Merlin Claims we are always keen to explore and harness innovative and leading edge technology to ensure that we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations. BigHand for BlackBerry offers a robust platform for mobile dictation and delivers better performance than previous methods which included portable dictation hardware and devices. BigHand enables loss adjusters out on site to instantly send dictations into the office via their BlackBerrys with  no docking required we have seen increased productivity and a reduction in  claim lifecycle. Savings have also been made as we haven’t had to purchase expensive portable devices for over a year now.

“Upgrading our enterprise software to the BigHand 4 platform has delivered support for more current versions of SQL and operating systems not previously supported by our nFlow system. This has been an important element of the project as it will allow us to use improved Microsoft platforms in the future without having to upgrade our dictation system once again. The analytics module is also far more comprehensive and has allowed us to take a more granular approach to reporting and performance management.

“Confidence is high with BigHand, we are seeing lots of dictations being created via BlackBerry and users are also using BlackBerry to dictate in the office, not just remotely. We will shortly be trialling integrated Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition to further enhance document turnaround times to the benefit of all users and also, of course, our clients.”

Comments Another organisation dropping portable dictation devices in favour of smartphones eh? We'll be commenting on this in next week's Insider newsletter.