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MAB defects from IRIS Videss to Aderant + FWBS combo

Matthew Arnold & Baldwin LLP (ranked 137 in the UK's top 200 firms) has selected a joint solution from Aderant and FWBS for its new practice management and front office productivity system to replace its legacy IRIS Videss software. The firm will roll out ADERANT Expert and FWBS MatterCentre to more than 100 fee earners in three offices. The implementation project will be managed by Alex Young of Alblair Consulting and Richard Spooner of Baker Tilley; Graham Moore, Exen Legal Solutions will provide development services for specialized workflows.

“Our firm conducted a very thorough selection process, examining each vendor’s capabilities in detail before ultimately selecting Aderant and FWBS,” said the firm's managing partner Iain Donaldson. “The breadth and depth of functionality available in FWBS and Aderant's solutions supports our growth plans and allows us the flexibility to introduce innovative ways to manage our business and maximize performance at all levels of the firm.”

In addition to the core practice management system, Matthew Arnold & Baldwin will also implement many of the newest Aderant applications to improve all functions of its business. IT partner Mark Weston said “Whether it’s Expert Matter Planning for alternative fee arrangements assessment, Found Time or Paperless Billing for efficiency, or Expert ClearView for business intelligence, we are excited to implement the tools that drive success.”

Weston added “With Aderant Expert fulfilling our practice management requirements, we have chosen FWBS MatterCentre to provide us with a complete firm-wide matter, contact, client, and document management solution. MatterCentre will enable us to automate processes, increasing productivity, and it will provide a 360 degree view of our clients and matters further improving the service we are able to offer our clients. We will be a better, stronger business unit as we go live with Aderant Expert and MatterCentre.”

3 replies on “MAB defects from IRIS Videss to Aderant + FWBS combo”

Hmm.. bit of a strange choice given the success of Pilgrim in this segment. Why buy two systems when one would do the job? It's not as though MAB needs the international functions in Aderant.

Not a strange choice at all, especially when an extensive review of the market was undertaken as indicated in the press release – why not ask MAB why Pilgrim were dropped from the selection process?

Generally the vendors write the press releases so they offer little insight and suspect NDA's would preclude MAB from commenting… can anyone else offer some insight? Also Lexis dna would have been another single source option.

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