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Mad science. Techies the most unhealthy people in the UK? Drink driving is safe?

As we know how much our readers like to hear about self-seeking surveys and research that end up producing findings that merely support whatever it is the sponsor hopes to plug, here's one on health and techies…

A study of 1734 working Brits by UK weight loss personal training agency, has found that people who worked in IT in jobs such as website design; development and technical support exercised the least out of all the professions nationwide, with fewer than 1 in 5 agreeing that they met government activity guidelines of half an hour of moderate exercise, five times a week. The study found that 63% of Brits are failing to meet the set activity guidelines. The average person in the UK is active for just 1 hour 30 minutes a week. Receptionists are the second most inactive group of professionals in the country, followed closely by sales people, with just 26% and 28% respectively admitting to hitting recommended activity targets.
With regards to the unhealthiest diets in the UK, people who work in IT again feature highly. Just 14% claim to eat five instances of fruit and vegetables throughout the day, whilst their caffeine intake is the highest nationwide – on average, IT workers admitted to drinking the caffeine equivalent of 10 cups of coffee a day, 2 cups more than the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of 800mg. Half of the IT workers who responded to the study claimed to drink energy drinks every single day. Office workers are most likely to snack in between meals, with just fewer than 3 in 4, 73%, of people who work on a computer all working day admitting that they regularly pick at sugary food at their desk.
The most inactive professions in the UK by % reaching government activity targets:
1.   IT workers – 19%
2.   Receptionists – 26%
3.   Salespeople – 28%
4.   Checkout operators – 31%
5.   Marketing – 33%
6.   Customer services – 37%
7.   Administrative workers – 38%
8.   Taxi drivers – 41%
9.   Retail workers – 45%
10. Shop assistants – 47%
Amongst the most active professions in the UK are manual workers such as bricklayers where 78% agreed to meeting government activity targets and construction workers, 84% of whom exercise for more than 2 and a half hours a week. 9 in 10 fitness professionals agreed to being active in accordance with guidelines.
Weight loss expert Rich Leigh, personal trainer and founder of weight loss agency Fat Free Fitness, had the following to say: “There is clearly a correlation between sitting at a desk or wheel all day and how active you’re likely to be.”

As they say on Amazon, if you liked that, then you'll also like this little bit of statistical analysis – suggested by one of our readers – Lisa Oldfield – in Australia…

“Apparently a
third of road accidents are caused by people who have been drinking too
much and one quarter by people driving too quickly. Ergo, two thirds
are caused by people who have not had enough to drink, and three
quarters by people who drive too slowly – so people who drive quickly
whilst over the limit are twelve times safer than those who are sober
and obey the speed limit.”

2 replies on “Mad science. Techies the most unhealthy people in the UK? Drink driving is safe?”

I hadn't realised that bricklaying is a profession now. But, wow, that Rich Leigh is one sharp cookie. It never occurred to me until now that sitting at a desk was not an active lifestyle. Ooo 10:15 – time for another RedBull and a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

It doesn’t surprise me that IT workers are the unhealthiest workers in the UK and despite them drinking inordinate amounts of coffee and not in taking the healthy daily amount of fruit and veg… you don’t see many obese IT workers. I think stress is a factor and even though they’re not running on a treadmill 30 minutes a day, they probably exert themselves enough each day answering to other people’s technology stresses which must be a regular and demanding occurrence. IT geeks should take a moment out of their stressed life and relax by playing on this game specially developed for IT workers… IT Manager 3: Unseen Forces –

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