Afridi & Angell has selected the Aderant Expert practice and financial management system. With the move to Aderant Expert, the firm will be better positioned to meet both internal and client demands by improving key processes, increasing overall productivity, and expanding staff involvement. Afridi & Angell is a leading full-service law firm and one of the most established in the United Arab Emirates. The firm was founded in 1975 and is based in Dubai with offices in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Afridi & Angell’s current system was no longer keeping pace with its current and planned future growth, so the firm conducted a comprehensive market evaluation and a due diligence exercise to examine the functionality of various products in the market against its current and anticipated needs and requirements, as well as those of its clients. Key requirements for the new system were the need for an integrated and comprehensive time management program that could identify additional WIP, provide dynamic management reporting, and enable performance management. The ability to quickly and accurately generate comprehensive reports and analyses was critical not only to manage and mobilize their internal resources, but also to meet their clients’ evolving needs.

Aderant Expert met all of the firm’s requirements including user-friendly time entry and international accounting. Along with the core Aderant Expert system, the firm is also implementing the Expert ClearView business intelligence suite and Found Time. Working with both Aderant and Timesoft, the firm is on track to go live on Aderant Expert in November 2013.

“After a thorough market evaluation, we were confident that Aderant Expert was the right solution for us, and we are anticipating immediate improvements across the firm once it is implemented,” commented Francois de la Rhonde, executive director of Afridi & Angell. “Our client base is diverse and spread over several industries in various regions and countries, making it critical to find a single system that meets everyone’s needs and demands. Our clients are constantly raising the bar not only on the quality and delivery of legal services, but also on our IT and finance management solutions.

“At the end of the day, front and back office solutions should work in harmony to deliver a complete and positive client experience,” added Francois. “We were also impressed with the high level of client service and support that Aderant and Timesoft provides, which are key requirements for a long-term partnership. Aderant and Timesoft’s long time international experience, for example with multiple currencies, and the ability to implement industry best practices is helping us to implement Aderant Expert within time and budget.”