Manager, Customer Success, Mid Tier Law firms, London

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

The Customer Success Manager plays a key role in the success of Intapp’s customer base. The team’s philosophy includes:

Know your customers personally, be in your territory.
Understand customer’s business objectives, their operational initiatives and the outcomes they are achieving or challenges they have with Intapp solutions.
Leap on the hotspots – urgent things first.
Dip into projects, into support situations, into escalations – wherever your customers need your advocacy and clarity.
Anchor the customer relationship with Intapp, post contract signing, for each product taken on by your customers.
Follow the NPS results – work with detractors and passives to convert to promoters. Ensure a healthy stream of customer references for Intapp solutions.
You own the responsibility to maximize customer and subscription retention. Give focus to at risk situations.
Don’t give up easily – we fight for every subscription and work hard to ensure customer success.
Ensure there are no surprises.

Customer Relationships and Knowledge

You are responsible for establishing and maintaining the customer relationships you need to maximize chances of retention of the Intapp products at the account. Priority should be given to forming relationships with business and IT owners at customers in your territory where there are challenges achieving success with Intapp solutions. Knowledge of customers should extend to understanding of their business objectives related to any subscription and the extent to which customer is meeting those objectives.

It is expected that this is accomplished most efficiently with regular engagement with your customers – both on-site and remote meetings. You should target regular travel to at risk customers and also to key customers determined by firm size and contract value.

Be Proactive – Account Management

CSMs should identify a portion of their accounts as key customers whether by contract value, by lawyer count, by strategic value to Intapp or by other criteria and then set up to specifically engage on a regular (quarterly at least) basis. The purpose is to ensure a close understanding of the business objectives these customers have for Intapp products as well as their experiences, issues and concerns related to the subscriptions.

CSMs should be aware of new projects with complex customers and maintain contact at stakeholder level to ensure project is going as desired and any concerns are dealt with effectively. It is considered that the early investment by the CSM team can be instrumental to ensuring a healthy start to a subscription and may well reduce challenges later on.

Engagement with Customers with Serious Issues

CSMs are responsible for creation and execution of the strategy to convert customers that have serious issues or are at risk into successful customers. CSMs are to be at the center of coordination when a customer or a subscription is at risk. This means that when a customer notifies Intapp that cancellation has been decided upon or is likely or may occur that the CSM coordinates the response. The response may include all parts of Intapp but is managed by the CSM. You will include all internal stakeholders when creating and executing your strategy.

Collaboration and Organizational Skills

Solving customer challenges routinely involves drawing together a virtual team from other Intapp departments to address customer issues although the CSM is responsible for ensuring action, momentum and the successful outcome.

Specifically, you will be responsible for assembling and leading a virtual team consisting of resources from various Intapp organizations including, but not limited to, product management, technical support, professional services, and even the executive team, and therefore must be adept at navigating the organization and team leadership.

Getting the Details Right

Having good data to work with is the anchor for successful account management and customer retention. It is the responsibility of all members of the CSM team to ensure accuracy and completeness of all aspects of subscription data. All members of the team should feel empowered to alert other departments to areas where data issues exist.

The CSM is responsible for ensuring up-to-date information is available on the business IT owner subscription contacts, for ensuring that health ratings are adjusted when required, for identification of references for Intapp solutions, for regularly reviewing any system usage data available from customer implementations.

Skills and Knowledge

4+ years of experience in account management or equivalent roles – ideally in both sales and general customer relationship capacities and ideally in the legal sector.
Experience working in a SaaS/subscription-based software business managing renewals
Proven success at managing virtual, cross-organizational teams to address customer issues
Proven ability to work with customers at stakeholder level
Data-driven and analytical in approach
Ability to learn, understand and articulate the business use cases for Intapp solutions
Enjoyment building relationships and working with law firm customers

About Intapp
Intapp provides software that enables law firms and other professional services firms to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace by improving operational efficiency and driving client success. Intapp’s three practice groups (Revenue, Risk and Integration) focus on understanding existing pressures and emerging trends, and translate this knowledge into products and best practices. Intapp products allow firms to align business operations with business strategy, and are recognized as the most advanced in their respective categories — time entry and recording, application integration, information security, new business intake and conflicts management. Serving more than 570 customers, including 92% of the Am Law 100 and 84% of the Global 200, Intapp has cultivated an unparalleled record of customer success and collaborative partner relationships. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with business operations in New York, Atlanta, London and Sydney, Intapp offers a unique combination of legal industry expertise, technical innovation, consumer-friendly design and customer-focused business philosophy. For more information, visit

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