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Manches select FWBS for case & matter management

Manches LLP has selected the MatterCentre system from FWBS as its new case and matter management platform. Manches’ director of IT Derek Brookes said “We had key requirements to deliver a legal team within our firm with a new workflow solution in a rapid timeframe. MatterCentre allowed a joint FWBS and Manches team to develop our requirements into a finished solution in just six weeks.”

Comment: Two points to note here. The first is Manches is one of a growing number of Tier 2 firms to have embraced case and matter management technology in recent months. The second point is that FWBS seems to be soaking up a lot of this business which would have once been the sole preserve of LexisNexis Visualfiles.

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Interesting point regarding your comment is if/when we see some successful tier 2 deployments as to date there has been very little announced following the initial 'we got a sale' announcement.

Visualfiles is old and proprietary technology and really designed for high volume case management. It's had its day and I reckon many of the firms using it will be looking to migrate to something more modern and simple like Matter Center so long as Matter Center can handle large volume through a simple UI, but most will probably not be in any big rush as Visualfiles is at least stable and works.

I agree that Visualfiles is stable and works but they will lose market share because it is so complex and time consuming to maintain. I would suspect that their market share is already contracting and it is a while since I heard of any new business wins for them. They still have their place in the larger firms who can afford the specialist staff needed to maintain their case definitions but they are probably losing many from the lower end of their traditional market share.

Would you put at risk a part of your business that is automated and making money? There will be no rush for organisations to swap out Visualfiles for something else unless there's a business imperative. Solicitec found that out with SolCase. They do what they say on the tin. The opportunity is for something that co-exists with the current stable technology allowing tight integration and development in something new alongside.

Whilst Manches did not make this announcement, it was not an annoucement about the “sale” but that fact that we had gone live within a 5 week period of making the selection to the go-live date. We are actively using this software for clients and considering potential other areas of the business that could adopt the core product.

The problem is that what's in 'the tin' needs to adapt to changing market drivers and regulations. Old products invariably become cost-prohibitive to change in time as requirements move on and the available skills dilute. Co-existance spells complexity – most 'automated' firms that survive the market ABS effects from later this year will probably take the easy way out of Solcase eventually and jump to a cleaner, newer technology such as FWBS or SOS.

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