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Mark Woodward says goodbye to Visualfiles

Mark Woodward who, along with Neil Ewin, was one of the key architects of the Solicitec/Visualfiles case management software success story, has left the company, departing this August just over a year after Visualfiles was acquired by LexisNexis.

A spokesperson at LexisNexis Visualfiles said that having spent the past 12 months working on the integration of the Visualfiles business within the LexisNexis group, Woodward (under the terms of his earn-out deal with Lexis) had the opportunity to leave the company this summer and decided to do so, so he could spend more time with his family, which includes a young son. Woodward is however still retained by Visualfiles on a consultancy basis.

3 replies on “Mark Woodward says goodbye to Visualfiles”

Well there you go, good luck to Mark & Neil don't blame them. Has to be said that LexisNexis have had a habit of taking decent companies, paying a premium and then letting them stagnate/go wrong once the owners exit with the dosh.
Sounds like a similar thing to CSG/IRIS where you've got a number of what were good companies (AIM, Videss etc) being right royally messed up with the likes of Alphalaw & TFB appearing to clean up and having a fantastic year off the back of it. Shame really as a lot of loyal hard working staff having their worlds thrown upside down.

guess not just TFB & Alphalaw – looks like Eclipse doing well from space left by Visualfiles in high st firms. far from slowing things up with consolidation looks like market is good for well placed independents. EMIS look like they have some good stuff too.

I think the idea was that Lexus Nexus would use the Visualfiles products to leverage more use of their knowledge/web services. the theory being this would stop the competitors taking revenue away as the knowledge market gets more open ( see the USA market to see what has happened there). Anyway good luck to Mark & Neil. take teh money and run guys

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