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Martineau aiming for a less-paper Outlook

Martineau has recently enlisted Kutana to provide a solution to tackle the ever increasing levels of printing from Microsoft Outlook. With email printing typically taking up 20% of a firm's print output, reducing can significantly cut costs. At Martineau, the firm is running the Kappris system from Kutana, with integration to the practice's Autonomy iManage DMS and running on Windows 7.

The firm's IT director Dean Hill-Jowett said “We have been using the Outlook plug-in for a few months now and it has introduced new ways of printing for our users. I have spent the last four years looking for an answer to the question of how to print only the first page of an email. When I saw Kappris it was a revelation and worked far better than I expected by printing emails rather than pages.

“The firm has seen a reduction in the amount we print from Outlook, but these savings have not just been restricted to email printing. A fantastic feature is that it works across our suite of applications – from Microsoft Office to Adobe so it’s very easy for our users. The result is that we will now see a significant reduction in paper and print output without a reduction in productivity. As an early adopter of Windows 7, I have been impressed with the speed at which changes are made and how receptive Kutana are as a business to our particular needs.  Whilst it is still early days I expect to reduce the printing of emails by at least 50% which will more than pay for the software itself. Initial feedback from lawyers and support staff is also positive.”