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May issue Legal Technology Insider (UK & EMEA) out now

The May issue of the Legal Technology Insider (UK & EMEA edition) newsletter is out now. The digital edition has already landed on desktops and print edition is making its way to you as fast as the Royal Mail can manage.

Top stories in our 12 page edition include: why the MoJ's RTA portal is rubbish + why the English Law Society is rubbish, has lost the plot on technology and should call it a day + why Sharepoint is not rubbish and is going to takeover the world (OK, we'd made the last one up). Plus shed loads of new product launches and new order deals that all you people who are too tight to pay the subscription are going to miss out on reading.

The 10 years ago section is a classic this time as it features the collapse of the Elite + CMS acquisition talks amid revelations that the soon-to-be ex-CEO of Solution 6 had a conviction for “possession of between 50 and 200 pounds of marijuana”. Apparently the drugs were for social and recreational use. Must have been a good party or a very large joint.