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May Legal Technology Insider out now

The May issue of Legal Technology Insider is out now – the big story is what SAP and Aderant are planning for the legal IT market – they seriously believe they will own the market while all thir competitors are in dissaray.

The hard copy edition and the digital edition should be on desktops just about now – the digital edition was delayed due to a REALLY BAD start to the day including attacks by crazed dogs (no really) and then being hit by a runaway car on the way to taking my wife to the local surgery. Fortunately no-one was hurt – and the other driver's first words were (when we pulled her from the wreck)… “But I told the garage the brakes weren't working but they said it would be safe to drive as long as I didn't have to stop in a hurry.” She did and she didn't – stop that is. Apart from that Mrs Lincoln, how was the play.

• PS: my wife says she thinks chocolate will speed her recovery.

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Glad your wife is ok.
If you know any good lawyers she may have a claim!

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