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Meanwhile back on Planet Autonomy…

As we know how much our readers enjoy the ongoing spat between in the DMS arena between Open Text and Autonomy iManage, here's a link to a story about an analyst's report on Autonomy. According to Deutsche Bank analyst Marc Geall…

“The management structure, control and systems at Autonomy are more
representative of a start-up than a major global player. The
senior management team is talented but lacks bandwidth. This can lead to
some decision paralysis as middle management is sometimes limited in its
autonomy. Autonomy still manages a very flat structure with a tight chain of
command into the CEO and CFO. Although they have
managed this structure effectively to date, we believe the business is
becoming too big and time is now becoming the limiting factor. There are
after all only 24 hours in the day and 90 days per quarter.” Geall adds that Autonomy's
sales force are “hunters not farmers”and ill-prepared
for the inevitable transition to account management as Autonomy grows and
the number of “repeat” customers increases.

• We've also learned that Dan Dosen, who was director of the technical pre-sales group, has resigned from Autonomy. Dosen was a Sonnenschein employee who went to work for iManage back in the late 90's. 

8 replies on “Meanwhile back on Planet Autonomy…”

“ill-prepared for the inevitable transition to account management” is spot on. Well actually it's not existent, the level of support (not technical support) for existing customers is poor at best and mostly non-existent.
I think from a legal perspective the spat with Open Text may continue in their heads, but as both companies now seem to ignore the legal vertical I think other more focussed vendors may mop up the legal DMS market over the coming years.

Surely OT is above placing negative analyst commentary on such discussion forums. We can all search around for opinions that suit our own point of view. For example:
“Our longer-term concerns with Open Text are still in place. We continue to believe the company faces above-average challenges due to the large number of moving parts in its aging product line, lack of transparency with business-level results and the difficulty of managing several legacy businesses that have been in long-term decline for some time (i.e., Vignette, Captaris and Hummingbird).”
I'd rather hear what legal customers and end users have to say, rather than a salesperson's google search results.

“hunters not farmers” – Much the same could be said of the Autonomy channel partners.

The service we receive from Autonomy is also very poor. They only want to talk when they have something new to sell. Resolving our problems is definitely not their focus.

Apparently some readers only enjoy hearing about OT's failures in this 'spat'. If you work for Autonomy please post using your name; the above is just embarrassing and you of all people should recall that the “negative analyst” is well-experienced, having worked as Head of Investor Relations at Autonomy, before being head-hunted out of a job he was apparently happy with.

Autonomy clearly stated they bought Interwoven in order to drive their e-discovery software sales to major enterprises through their lawyers. In other words, we are all salesmen for them now. Enjoy. The 3-5 years it will take law firms to replace the DMS is long enough to achieve that goal, meantime we are stuck with them and they do not need to keep investing in our DMS in order to win the other, much bigger prize.

As an Autonomy customer and shareholder I found the Telegraph article very relevant especially given the analyst worked at Autonomy until recently.

Nope, don't work for Autonomy, never have, so will keep my anonymity in the same way that you have.
I also don't have an Autonomy deployment or indeed any allegiance either way. I think we are both working towards the same goal here- finding out what customers are actually experiencing, rather than judging technology based on third party musings.
Going back to my original point- the other (less vicious) comments on this post are much more telling than the original placement- it seems that Autonomy is indeed neglecting its customer base, whether OT is the solution is still up for debate…

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