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Media Relations #101

As we've received some complaints about our handling of news stories in recent weeks, could we just make these two – very basic – points…

(1) If a press release is not meant to be reported before a specific time or date – clearly mark it as being subject to an embargo. We always comply with embargoes however we are not in telepathic contact with your PR monkeys.

(2) If you are developing a top secret product you do not want the world to know about – it might be a good idea to prevent your developers taking pre-release versions to trade shows AND then giving video interviews about the product that can be found on Google, YouTube or wherever.

If these points are beyond you, it may be time to consider a change of career. Thank you.

12 replies on “Media Relations #101”

talking of career changes – when did you decide to make your move from (reasonably) respected industry journo to grumpy opionated gossip columninst? – lets hope the standup works out

Actually the question you meant to ask – but were clearly struggling with the words – was when did I move from grumpy opinionated gossip columnist to phenomenally respected industry journo of god-like genius? CC

nay sir – it is you who has word struggles – I assume you meant cod-like genius

said the man who falls somewhere between Martin Bashir and Piers Morgan in the popularity stakes.

Cod-like genius I may be – but at least I know my plaice.

simple – no anonymous = less entertaining = less hits = less revenue – you gotta love capitalism

As my dear of Dad used to say “Just because your name is Christian doesn't mean you are running a charity.” – CC

Andy Stokes has recently moved and is in the process of re-locating.
A unamed source referred to his new home as “relatively new, temporary accomodation though with an exciting al fresco lifestyle within the Calais area …”

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