Over here in New York, one of the technology trends that can no longer be ignored is the rise and rise of the Apple platform. In one of the conference sessions at this year's LegalTech, the sentiment from the floor was that the Apple iPad was now the device of choice for attorneys of all ages. Elsewhere, we could see the growing interest in the iPhone as an alternative to the digital recorder. And we encountered ediscovery vendors who are now developing a niche line of business dealing with data collections from Apple Macs.
Echoing these sentiments, Forrester Research is now predicting that “Windows dominance is at an end.” To back up this prediction, Forrester has released figures showing that the number of companies in North America and Europe issuing Apple Macs running OSX increased from 30% in 2009 to 46% in 2011. Other key facts include…
* in a survey of 10,000 employees worldwide, 8% were using Macs, 9% were using iPads and 11% were using iPhones
* 30% of businesses support Macs, 27% support iPads and 37% support iPhones
* Apple users are likely to be younger or higher up the corporate ladder than Windows users: 41% of Apple users are directors, 43% earn more than $150,000 a year and 28% were between 18 and 24.