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Microsoft say here are another 6 reasons to look at Sharepoint

Microsoft have suggested six more capabilities within Sharepoint 2010 designed to improve performance, collaboration and decision making for law firms:
1.       SharePoint 2010 Sites: The “one-stop-shop” for all of your firm’s web sites
Serving as a “one-stop shop” for all your firm’s web sites, SharePoint 2010 Sites provide a full set of out-of-the-box tools that your professionals can use to create any kind of site from start to finish, plus a single infrastructure that simplifies site management. Deployment can be on-premises or hosted in the cloud with Microsoft Business Productivity Online Services.
·         Quickly and easily find and use relevant capabilities with the new contextual SharePoint Ribbon offering simple point-and-click functionality.
·         Features new tools that make it simpler to modify pages, change content, add interactions or apply a design theme.
·         Supports a wider variety of today’s micro-browsers and includes a mobile software development kit to customize mobile experiences and improve productivity for the firm’s mobile workers.

2.       SharePoint 2010 Communities: Work together more effectively
SharePoint 2010 Communities offers a flexible platform that enables your professionals to work together more effectively in a secure, well-managed environment. Lawyers can collaborate in groups, share knowledge and ideas, and better find information and experts.
·         Connects your firm’s employees, wherever they are located, with a full set of collaboration tools ranging from wikis to workflows and team sites to tagging.
·         Improves knowledge and resource sharing with My Profile pages that can contain information about employees including experience, biography, publications and more while Tags enable users to better manage and share favorite internal and external Web sites.
·         Makes social networking safer with a collaboration platform featuring granular security and privacy controls, centralized policy setting, and detailed reporting and analysis.

3.       SharePoint 2010 Content: Drive compliance with consistent records management
Combining traditional content management, social capabilities, and powerful search, SharePoint 2010 Content makes Enterprise Content Management (ECM) easy for everyone at your firm. With its “behind-the-scenes” administration, your firm can quickly set up compliance policies while its familiar interface enables your professionals to work just as they would in Microsoft Office.
·         Simplifies tagging content, applying retention schedules, declaring records and applying legal holds for traditional, Web and social content. This can reduce the risk of incorrectly deleting relevant information or retaining information beyond its useful lifecycle.
·         Reduces the need to purchase multiple ECM solutions since SharePoint 2010 delivers the management of documents, records, Web content and rich media on a single platform that can connect to legacy ECM systems.

4.      SharePoint 2010 Search: Find relevant colleagues, experts and information faster
Lawyers and professionals within your firm can now better find highly-relevant content, information, and experts they need with SharePoint 2010 Search.  It provides intranet search, people search, and a platform to build search-driven applications—all on a single, cost-effective infrastructure.
·         Moves beyond the traditional “10 blue links” search box and introduces a visual, interactive experience, enabling your firms’ users to find information quickly.
·         Narrows your search results with its metadata-driven refinement panel so your professionals can get to the right content faster and then drill into the results to discover insights.
·         Helps your firm’s professionals find each other with people and expertise search, including search based on phonetic spelling and common nicknames.

5.      SharePoint 2010 Insights: Establishes firm-wide access to business intelligence
Now everyone at your firm can make smarter decisions with SharePoint 2010 Insights providing access to information from your firm’s databases, reports, and business applications. Top new features include:
·         Enables root cause analyses using analytics to examine core data. Your firm’s workers can now view only the most pertinent information using the new Decomposition Tree function.
·         Creates rich dashboards and alerts that convey the right information the first time, aggregating content from multiple sources and displaying it in a Web browser. Your firm’s users can analyze up-to-the-minute information and work with the data quickly and easily to identify key opportunities and trends.

6.      SharePoint 2010 Composites: Enables do-it-yourself business solutions
Gain building blocks for your firm to assemble, connect, and configure collaborative business solution — all without code. From simple sites to complex applications, your firm can rapidly respond to specific needs and client expectations with highly-customized solutions.
·         Publish Microsoft Office Access databases to SharePoint and share them with others now that ​SharePoint 2010 and Access work together seamlessly.
·         Use and search data from other systems as if it “lived in” SharePoint—in both read and write modes since SharePoint 2010 makes firm data more versatile.


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And number 7/. Sharepoint is directly integratable with LexisNexis research solutions content

Thank you anonymous Lexis PR man – tho we think we know who you are – and where you sail your yacht – CC

Microsoft make it sound so easy – why doesn't everyone just drop all their other applications and just use Microsoft? Devil is in the detail perchance?

Simplicity is key, did anyone out there ever go on a Google training course ? Rupert

VERY legal-centric, they sure do understand our market and the problems that we need to solve, eh?

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