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Microsoft & Sharepoint taking over the legal world – part #114 – Human Rights Court says yes to FAST

After an 18 month POC (proof of concept) involving the top commercially available search engines, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has selected Microsoft FAST as its strategic search platform.

According to the ECHR's Head of IT Department John Hunter “Microsoft FAST, with its SharePoint integration, represented the best overall platform for the Court (in terms of the functionality we require as well as the potential for future development) for both its public (HUDOC) and internal data sources (Exchange, OpenText DM, Intranet).”

A public call for tender to develop the new HUDOC platform will be launched on 20th May 2011 on the Council of Europe internet site
HUDOC background
One of the key issues for the future development of the system of human rights protection set up by the European Convention on Human Rights (the Convention) is how to ensure that national authorities and particularly national judicial authorities adopt the Convention as their own and properly assimilate it into their national legal system. Making accessible the Court’s case-law makes a major contribution to this process. That is why the Court attaches great importance to the proper functioning of its case-law data base – see – which is the main interface between it and legal professionals who need to follow the evolution of the Convention jurisprudence. It is in this context that the Court’s project to make available through HUDOC at least the principal judgments in languages other than English and French should be seen. In addition, the Court has a legal obligation under the Convention to publish its final judgments (Article 44 § 3). The only realistic and effective means of complying with this obligation is by publishing them via the internet.

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It's worth mentioning that the ECHR's HUDOC solution is built on OpenText eDOCS DM.

Yes, but that is their current HUDOC – at the end of the month they are inviting tenders to build a replacement HUDOC 2 – CC

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