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Microsoft taking over the legal world – part #96

Sorry guys but Microsoft really is taking over the legal tech space – it was one of the main topics of conversation this week at LegalTech New York – full story next week, along with our vote for the PR disaster of the show.

5 replies on “Microsoft taking over the legal world – part #96”

Nope, sorry CC, it won;t wash, we're all still in denial.
We just want to laugh at Dear Janny for her heretical outbursts.

PR disaster? StoredIQ's Russian ballerina in the elevators!!! – Rob Ameerun

I've been hearing that same statement since 2001. It's easy to get caught up in the hype of SP 2010 but in truth it still isn't a viable DM product for most firms.

Are you still using GroupWise too? 🙂 Happy for you to call me and I'll run through your concerns with you if you like.

“I'll run through your concerns…”
With a sword, perhaps?

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