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Microsoft Windows 7 – why bother?

Yesterday Microsoft made Windows 7 RC broadly available at the Microsoft Windows 7 site. The RC is an important milestone for partners to prepare for Windows 7, as well as for tech enthusiasts to download and test Windows 7 on their work and home PCs. But why bother? Microsoft's professional services team tell us these are the key reasons to consider a migration from Vista to Win 7…

“Windows 7 introduces several advancements and fresh capabilities. We’ve bulleted the ones that will deliver solid benefits to legal professionals and the firm’s IT department. These include:

·         Enhances enterprise search capabilities so users can query a SharePoint site on a firm’s intranet right from Windows, as well as files on a user's PC.

·         Enables mobile workers to be productive anywhere by providing them with seamless, secure access to the firm’s corporate networks without the need to VPN.

·         Decreases the time that a law firm’s branch offices must spend waiting to download files across the network.

·         Helps to protect sensitive data on PCs and removable drives, with manageability to enforce encryption and backup of recovery keys so that data is accessible.

·         Limits the risk of malicious software by enabling IT to specify which software is allowed to run on each user's PC through centrally managed, but flexible, Group Policies.

Enables legal professionals to work the way that they want by organizing and accessing multiple documents and applications quicker and more easily than ever before.

Streamlines everyday tasks with its intuitive design providing immediate access to the applications and files that professionals frequently use through Jumplists.

Improves PC management including desktops, laptops and virtual environments with advanced image management and deployment tools that use less network bandwidth and reduce costs.

Takes handwriting recognition a giant step forward with greater accuracy and speed in pen input, ability to create personalized custom dictionaries for handwriting recognition, and the support of new languages.”

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With reguard the Enterprise search on the desktop, any opensearch provider can be used, which IUS6 did and something IUS7 will do once I get a spare 5 minutes…
There also talk of a built in XP virtual PC image for those more troublesome apps

Incidentally, we are still hearing reports that Internet Explorer 8 is a dog to implement – with one contact saying he lost all browser functionality in the process

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