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Microsystems adds PDF capabilities

Microsystems has released the DocXtools PDF Compare Plus Module to extend document comparison capabilities to the Legal industry beyond native Word and throughout the Office suite. Developed specifically for DocXtools customers, the PDF Compare Plus Module provides the ability to compare PDF and Word to PDF, as well as Excel and PowerPoint files.

While native Word Compare has evolved incredibly in Word 2010/2007, providing a powerful comparison engine for law firms, there are gaps that need to be filled in order for native Word to meet the specific needs of a lawyer’s workflow. DocXtools fills those gaps and combined with the PDF Compare Plus Module, meets the lawyer’s compare needs, providing an economical alternative to adding third-party solutions.

“The release of the PDF Compare Plus Module supports firms looking to streamline their desktops with native Word Compare and DocXtools, enabling firms to leverage their investment in Microsoft technology and reduce the costs and complexity of adding third-party tools to accomplish quality comparisons of common document types,” said Microsystems CEO Tom O’Sullivan.

The PDF Compare Plus Module integrates with Document Management Systems as well as Outlook for the easy selection and saving of documents from and to the DMS and the launch of a compare directly from Outlook. Additionally, users can print changed pages only and summary and detail reports as well as easily email compare outputs along with a package of other documents.

Available as an add-on to DocXtools, the PDF Compare Plus Module extends compare functionality to PDF, Excel and PowerPoint documents, offering a complete comparison solution aligned to the needs and workflows of the legal industry. The PDF Compare Plus Module is powered by the compareDocs comparison engine from DocsCorp.