To paraphrase Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest “To have one change of CEO, may be regarded as a misfortune. To have two go looks like carelessness.”

Here is the formal announcement… Microsystems today announced that its Board of Directors has named Christopher Junker Chief Executive Officer of the company, effective immediately. Junker most recently served as President and CEO at SpringCM, a cloud enterprise content management firm. Earlier, he was the CEO at Fios Inc (now DTI), a cloud e-discovery software firm. His experience includes serving as the general manager and worldwide vice president for the legal and professional industry solutions team at Interwoven, vice president of sales and business development at iManage, and director of national sales for Wang/Informatics, a software development division of Wang Laboratories.

“The market relentlessly demands a high standard of excellence from Microsystems,” added Ken Hooten, Partner, Concentric Equity Partners. “With experience in relevant industries, Chris has a winning combination of business acumen and technical fluency. From understanding traditional software applications to innovative uses of the cloud, Chris is an expert at driving value for customers and the ideal person to lead the company. He will skillfully set Microsystems apart from its competitors.”

Here is the timeline… In October 2012, the US private equity group Concentric Equity Partners made an investment in Microsystems. At that time, the company co-founder Tom O’Sullivan was the CEO. In July 2013, it was announced that Greg Silich had joined the company as CEO and O’Sullivan moved on into the role of president. According to Ken Hooten, of Concentric “Greg’s expertise in building business strategies, innovating new products and expanding into new markets will enhance the value we bring to our clients and lead to exciting growth for our business. His hiring is one of many pivotal actions and investments planned to drive the company’s long term growth plan.” In April 2014, Silich has gone and Chris Junker is the new kid in town. Talking of Silich, he has been the CEO of QUEsocial in Chicago since January 2014 and his LinkedIn profile doesn’t event mention Microsystems.