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Midgely Corner: Pornography & cakes in the digital age

We've checked the diary and no, its not April 1st – here's a story from the Daily Telegraph which reveals (a) what wonderful things you can do with digital photographic technology and (b) that commonsense is on the decline…

To celebrate her son David's 21st birthday, Gail Jordan thought it would be amusing to take advantage of a special £9.97 offer at her local Asda store to get a cake iced with a photo on the top. And the photo she selected was of David, when he was a five month old bare-cheeked bouncing baby, lying on his front on a rug. Unfortunately the staff at Asda said the image was “pornographic”and could only be reproduced if David's arse was protected by a “strategically-placed star”.

Mrs Jordan reported: “They said it could be anyone's child so it could be deemed pornographic. But I was asking to have it printed on a 21st birthday cake, so surely it was pretty obvious that it was my son. It's ridiculous – I understand they have rules, but there ought to be a place for commonsense as well. In the end they would only do it with a star over his bottom, which to be honest made the whole thing even more hilarious.”

An Asda spokesman said: “We have a policy, as do many other retailers, of no nudity, whatever the age of the subject. In this case we offered a number of alternatives including enlarging and cropping the photo, increasing the border size or applying a strategically placed star to save his blushes.”