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Midgley Corner – round-robin emails

Strange, we've just received an email from someone at conveyancing case management software supplier headed “Gordon Brown take note” and suggesting “the UK needs a leader like this”. The message then goes on to applaud the Prime Minister of Australia John Howard (we know, but wait for it) for a speech in which he broadly told Australian immigrants, particularly muslims, to either adapt to the Australian way of life or get out of the country. The message ends with a call for British citizens to get a bit of backbone, adopt the same outlook as Howard and forward the message on to other like-minded (should that be right-minded) individuals.

Yes, very good but John Howard lost the December 2007 general election in Australia, among other reasons because Australians are a lot more broad-minded than he is, and is no longer the prime minister. Like the Monty Python parrot he is an ex-prime minister.

All of which tends to confirm our impression that the people who circulate these emails are so out-of-touch that they ought to be locked up in a care home. (Except there are no care homes today because all the money was spent by the government looking for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.)

Now I'm to play golf with Elvis.

4 replies on “Midgley Corner – round-robin emails”

What on earth is wrong with asking that immigrants to a country recognise and accept the social norms and way of life of the society into which they are moving? Political correctness gone mad.
John Howards words were directed at a minority of (particularly Muslim) folk who have moved to Australia and begun a campaign to 'Islamise' the 'infidels'. I'd suggest that as a start perhaps you should attempt not to misrepresent the truth, and further to investigate a) the reason many immigrate to Australia – our society on the whole is one to be admired, and b) the reason we don't want to change – our society on the whole is one to be admired.
Howard made mistakes as humans do, but we were a better nation with him than without and it's time the revisionist history those on the left side of politics like to engage in is well and truly suffocated.

Yeah, and we should start with those bleedin Norman immigrants. They should learn that we eat cow, sheep and pig over here – not their poncy Frenchified beef, mutton and pork! (And don't get me started on the Saxons.)

And there was me thinking you were going to recommend to Break The Chain.(see ) Still, at least on this occasion you didn't forward the email on to dozens of people. Posting a blog post is the infinitely better means of engaging in political rant rather than chain mailing!
Mind you, I thought this was supposed to be about legal technology, not political rants…!
The IT issue is that people should not be ruining the efficiency of email by engaging in Armchain Activism, Political Ponderings and other time wasters via chain email.
The legal issue is that sending emails can result in exposing email addresses to abuse (spammers love chain mail), and in worst cases, fraud or getting fired – e.g.
“Two employees of a London law firm were fired after a racy e-mail conversation between them became a popular chain letter. A London banker suffered a similar fate when an e-mail he sent to some friends ended up in the inboxes of the world. ”

It is meant to be about legal technology – and the connection here was that it emanated from a legal technology vendor. There again the link can sometimes be tenuous – one comment thread that started with a discussion about a vendor's strategy ended in a debate over who had the coolest uniforms in the Star Wars movies.
Be afraid, there are geeks out there.

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