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Mishcon de Reya win for Recommind

Mishcon de Reya has selected Recommind’s Decisiv Search (formerly known
as MindServer Search) and Decisiv Email Management (formerly known as
Decisiv Email) solutions, as well as the QwikFind toolbar, to overhaul
the firm’s management of electronically stored information.  Based on
Recommind’s CORE (Context Optimised Relevancy Engine) platform, the
deployment will form the backbone of Mishcon de Reya’s new information
management structure.

Decisiv Search solution will provide Mishcon de Reya’s 430 employees
across its two offices with the means to work more efficiently by
allowing them to instantly find and access a wealth of internal and
external information. The solution will integrate with the firm’s
existing databases, including Autonomy iManage and Solcara Know How for
Documents, Aderant Expert and Lexis Nexis InterAction, as well as
external content via integration with Solcara SolSearch, to create one
comprehensive search infrastructure.  

the added Matters & Expertise module, Mishcon de Reya’s employees
will be able to easily locate colleagues with the most relevant
experience and knowledge to answer a specific query, regardless of where
they are based. The implementation of Recommind’s QwikFind toolbar will
provide ubiquitous access to Decisiv Search from the desktop toolbar or
from within Microsoft Office applications, ensuring the new search
functions are always at the lawyers’ disposal.  

addition, Decisiv Email Management will help Mishcon de Reya’s staff
overcome major email management issues by providing the automated
categorisation, filing and storage of email based information, including
robust email retrieval functionalities. Highly accurate suggested
filing capabilities can be tuned to automatically file emails where the
system’s confidence exceeds a user-determined threshold.  By using these
automated tools and enabling staff to quickly retrieve the information
and resources they need, considerable time can be saved allowing for
more revenue generating activities.

believe that in a knowledge driven business, it is not acceptable to
have faster access to information on the internet as opposed to within
the firm,” said Dr Nick Taylor-Delahoy, director of information
technology at Mishcon de Reya.  “Instead, we need to be drawing from our
rich internal knowledge and information resources and Recommind’s
technology helps us achieve this goal. Our existing solutions were
nowhere near powerful enough to suit our needs, but Recommind will
enable us to move away from working in a linear knowledge management
manner towards being a more dynamic, X-centricfirm – with ‘X’ being
anything from clients to, matters, referrers or partners. By clever use
of Decisiv Search in particular, we’ll be able to unlock hidden
information from disparate systems within the firm, helping our lawyers
to work more resourcefully.”

considered all the major market leaders, Mishcon de Reya selected
Recommind’s comprehensive information management platform and supporting
solutions because they are specifically designed to meet the needs of
legal practices.  For this reason, the firm will be able to start using
the new solution far quicker and more cost effectively than having to
spend valuable time and money customising a new system to understand the
unique requirements of law firms.

Recommind have always been an interesting company with what is, by
modern standards, an old fashioned business model, namely they build
applications that firms want and that actually work. Given they are an
independent, fighting for a share of a market dominated by such big
beasts as Autonomy, Open Text and Microsoft, their successes are all the
more commendable.