MJM Limited, one of Bermuda’s leading legal services firms, has launched its blog, the Bermuda Law Blog at www.bermudalawblog.bm

The Bermuda Law Blog focuses on new and interesting issues emerging in Bermuda’s legal sphere. It is multi-dimensional, featuring information and commentary on trends and topics relevant to Bermuda, including policy developments, cases, legislative changes and posts of general legal interest. The blog will be authored by MJM attorneys and managers whose wide range of experience and expertise offer insight into Bermuda’s legal world on issues such as telecommunications reform and the scrapping of the work permit term-limit policy.

The website was designed and developed by Agathe Holowatinc, Information Services Manager at MJM Limited. She says: “Law blogs have already taken off in North America and UK and I was inspired by the intellectual exchange of ideas that they provide and their timely, dynamic and personal nature, which contrasts starkly to most law firm websites. I find the personal voice of individual attorneys and managers that you will find on our law blog to be much more engaging and I’m excited that it’s being launched today.”