With the LINK encrypted container app you can access DMS, Email, and the Intranet. It’s easy to review, annotate, compare, edit, and email documents with LINK.

In our new 40-minute ILTA webinar, learn more about LINK’s security features.

We will describe how LINK protects your documents and data from these mobility risks:

1.           Man-in-the-Middle attacks

2.           SIM Swapping

3.           Lost or stolen devices

We will cover these LINK attributes:

–      Secure Browser

–      IP Fencing

–            Encryption

–            Authentication

–            Security Architecture

–            Certificate-based New User Provisioning

Join us on Monday, March 16, 2020 at 11 AM ET.


Seth Hallem: CEO, Co-founder, and Chief Architect

Mobile Helix: Maureen Blando, President & COO

If you cannot be present for the live webinar, please register and you will receive an email with a link to the recorded webinar.

Questions: maureen at mobilehelix dot com



Maureen Blando / +1 408.836.9924 / maureen@mobilehelix.com

President & COO / Mobile Helix / www.mobilehelix.com