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MoJ RTA Portal – Eclipse says “We’re Number 1”

Eclipse Legal Systems has announced the successful rollout of its A2A “Release 2” update. Following The Ministry of Justice’s 2010 ruling, all Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claims of a value less than £10,000 must be processed through a central electronic Portal. Eclipse was the very first vendor to make true integration with the Portal available, via a seamless A2A (Application-to-Application) method. Using A2A, claimant law firms with Eclipse’s Proclaim case management solution can manage RTA claims entirely through the Proclaim desktop, without resorting to the manual entry via web browser method.

As part of an ongoing series of developments to the Portal itself by the RTA Portal Company, a major functional update known as ‘Release 2’ went live on 25th September 2012. On this date it was mandatory for all Portal users to comply with the new system with immediate effect. Eclipse successfully rolled out its updated Proclaim solution for over 250* (251 to be excact) law firms dealing with RTA Portal claims. Customers include national heavyweights of several hundred staff, through to boutique firms of just one or two users.

Eclipse’s Business Solutions Director Tracy Blencowe adds “With over 250 RTA Portal clients, it was vital that we delivered a seamless and effective upgrade. While many IT solution providers struggle with developing Portal solutions, we have created a market-leading proposition that is both extremely cost-effective and incredibly robust. Our knowledge of Portal integration bodes very well for if, or when, the Government extends its use to Employer Liability, Public Liability or Medical Negligence.  For law firms wanting the ultimate Portal case management solution, Proclaim is the default choice.”

COMMENT: Anyone out there that can beat this number? We reckon Eclipse are the leader in this section by a considerable margin.