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MoJ RTA scheme – now MASS says stick it in the post

And now a fresh installment in our ongoing saga of the MoJ's new RTA personal injury portal for road traffic accident claims. The story so far: it doesn't work, now read on…

John Spencer of MASS – the Motor Accident Solicitors Society – has just issued the following revised guidance to members. You can read the full guidance in the attached PDF however two sections that caught our attention were:

“the delay and problems that are being experienced by Members over the portal is completely unacceptable and no fault of MASS, our Members or the accident victim. It is becoming increasingly clear that the portal is still not yet operating as it should be and being in the third week of the new process I cannot in all consciousness and with any confidence assure Members at this stage that the problems with the portal are going to be overcome completely and in early course”


“I have informed the PSG and the MoJ of my intention to provide further guidance to the MASS membership. If Members cannot progress a claim electronically, as directed by the Rules, then Members have no option but to serve the CNF by post. I must stress however that this does not comply with the Rules and must be used only as a last resort, once all other options (ie portal/secure email) have been exhausted. Members must make their own judgment on individual cases and in light of the facts you face.

“MASS’ position remains that the interests of accident victim must always come first and if the intended route for the new process is either not available or does not work, then it is unacceptable and prejudicial to delay the process of a claim.”