Another day, another batch of Autonomy rumours, this time in the Financial Times which reports that shares in the company fell 6% yesterday after the company announced that its highly anticipated “major acquisition” was being deferred while other opportunities were being explored. Follow the link for the full story – but the FT piece suggests the major acquisition will be OpenText.,dwp_uuid=9a36c1aa-3016-11da-ba9f-00000e2511c8.html?ftcamp=crm/email/20101125/nbe/InformationTechnology/product#axzz16HyGKMhJ

Comment: Microsoft must be thinking this is their best Thanksgiving ever for if OpenText with its DM eDoc DMS and Autonomy with its iManage Worksite DMS all become one big happy family, there is going to be a surge of interest in a Sharepoint DMS alternative.