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DocAuto June Webinar Programme

11.06.10, ILTA Product Briefing: Importing Into WorkSite Just Got Easier
We are excited to present to you the latest software solution for WorkSite from DocAuto: iImport Desktop. iImport Desktop is an add-in to iManage DeskSite or FileSite. It allows users to quickly and easily import content, preserving organizational structures, from native operating system folders and subfolders directly into WorkSite. The program features an easy-to-use Windows Explorer-like interface that is simple and intuitive for users. This new product from DocAuto appears via the native right-click pop-up menu in FileSite or DeskSite. Users can browse to the files or folders they want imported. Additional options are available for setting profile information and security.
16.06.10, Email Management for WorkSite Using OutiM Server
Email management has become a top priority for Information Technology departments today. OutiM Server supports multiple approaches to email management, and integrates with and extends the functionality of other email management systems. It can be used as an e-mail archiving product out of the box, leveraging WorkSite's native security, search, and single-instance storage capabilities. Join us for this informative webinar in which we will discuss email management needs and present new features in OutiM Server that will allow your firm to get its email content under control, while minimizing the need for user involvement.
30.06.10, Content Refiling Management with Refiling Server
Refiling Server is the optimal tool for finely-controllable server-side refiling in WorkSite. Replace inefficient, arbitrary, and possibly dangerous user-controlled desktop refiling with faster, more efficient, more powerful server-side refiling. In this webinar, we will show you that with fast, consistent, and efficient options for managing how, when, and why items are refiled, Refiling Server optimizes system performance and increases control.

Olswang to preview new records management system
22.06.10, London (9:00 – 10:30am)
Olswang LLP, in conjunction with Legal RM, would like to invite you to join them at their London offices for an introduction into how iCompli Records Management has helped Olswang LLP to achieve tens of thousands of £pounds in cost and time savings whilst improving Health & Safety and promoting green initiatives. What’s more, Olswang’s secretaries rated iCompli as their best IT system, marking it 4.9/5 in an internal poll. To reserve a place email – there will be a similar presentation on 21.09.10