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More feedback on LawTech Futures event

Here’s a link to an excellent – but candid – review of last week’s LawTech Futures event in London by Scottish solicitor and legal social media commentator Brian Inkster on his The Time Blawg.

We particularly liked this comment (well we would, wouldn’t we) in Brian’s review… “The Law Society of Scotland used to organise Nothing But the Net conferences that were, at the time, well attended. In recent years their The Law is IT conferences have been cancelled due to low sign ups. The Law Society of England and Wales had the same fate with their Law and Technology Forum as I mentioned at the start of this post. Lawyers do not, on the whole, take a great interest in legal technology. Netlaw Media and Charles Christian must be doing something right to achieve what the two UK Law Societies have failed to do.”

OK, we also liked Brian’s inclusion of YouTube clips from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the old Monkey Chinese fantasy TV series – for a legitimate cloud reference you see.

In other comments… Justin North of Janders Dean described LawTech Futures as a “Great event, a game changer in the UK” while Mike Barry, the senior vice president of R&D at Aderant, said “The conference was very useful, insightful and best of all fun. Unlike other conferences that focus only on the past and current day challenges you did a great job of looking to the future. LegalTech better watch out…”


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