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More goodbyes within the Lexis tech empire

While the focus within the UK legal IT industry is on the number of CVs being circulated by the remaining denizens of Chateau Despair in Leeds – aka the offices of LexisNexis Visualfiles – we're grateful to our friends at Australasian Legal Technology ( for the following items…

• Paul Wyatt joins the ranks of those moving on from LexisNexis Visualfiles. Paul joined Visualfiles in 1998 spending eight years with them in the UK, before becoming their Australian Business Development Manager in 2006. His new role is as the NSW Business Development Manager with Law In Order who specialise in litigation document management, e-discovery and document copying and scanning.

• In another episode of legal technology musical chairs Andrea Foot (the person responsible for bringing Axxia to Australia) has left LexisNexis and moved across to Billback, with a job title of General Manager – Australasia Sales.

(Prior to joining Visualfiles – or Solicitec as it then was – Wyatt was with Linetime. Prior to moving to Australia, Foot was with Miles 33 and ITNET among others. Prior to becoming the home of Visualfiles, part of the building in Leeds housed the Headingley 10-pin bowling alley. We're sure there is a joke in there but we can't think of it.)

2 replies on “More goodbyes within the Lexis tech empire”

Charles, surely there are plenty of misleading headlines here …
“Strike action hits Leeds …”
“Spare places going for grabs …”
“Ending up in the gutter …”
Etc, etc

Who will they pin the blame on?
That must be right up somebodies alley.

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