Just following on from Neil Mackay's comments about Elite 3E going live at Maurice Blackburn, we're grateful to Justin North at the Janders Dean consultancy in Australia for drawing our attention to this posting on their corporate blog at http://jandersdeanleadership.blogspot.com

…and here we
go…Maurice Blackburn Cashman have migrated off Elite Enterprise and
onto the Elite 3E platform making them the first in the region to do

We extend our congratulations to the hard working team
from MBC who faced sleepless nights of extensive testing and re-testing
in this innovative project. The team from TressCox will most likely be
next cab off the rank followed by Gadens' Sydney office.

conclusion of these three early adopters' projects may allow the
region's PMS new sales market to awaken again after a stagnated year
caused primarily by the “wait and see” purchase philosophy of many
firms – in addition to investment funds and attention being focused on
greater return, fee earner and client facing projects.