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More on Islington Legal IT show

Two more comments have just come in from exhibitors who were at this week's event…

“Just got home, home from the range, where the buffalo roam and the tumbleweed blows. The PMS boys seemed busy but for most of today it was tumbleweed blowing down the aisles. I had to smile when Matthew Robinson (from the exhibition organisers) asked me if I wanted to sign up for next year and if I did he would hold 2009 rates.”

And here's a comment from one of those PMS boys…

“I thought I would drop you a line as our experience of Legal IT this year was different from that of your other correspondents. We were not looking forward to this year’s show especially after the snow arrived and we were convinced that our larger  stand was going to be populated by tumbleweeds blowing through the hall. The reality (for us at least) proved to be very different.

“I think it is right to say there were less people there but the ones that didn’t turn up were the leaflet collectors and local authority representatives that didn’t have anything else to do. We also saw far fewer clients this year than before. This would back up what we are seeing in trading with the new business sales holding up well whilst the existing client business has slowed down.

“We were busy for pretty much the whole of the two days (apart from a quiet patch on Thursday morning when Gerald Ratner was speaking). The venue still has appalling PA problems and it was difficult to hear any of the speakers. There were a couple of memorable occasions when a speaker was standing at the lectern talking through the PA system at full volume to their audience of three people. They would have been better chatting over a pint and a laptop!

“The firms we saw appeared to have a set agenda and a good idea of the suppliers they wanted to see. Decisions made recently by some suppliers have created a market of new business opportunities and many of them were using the show to have initial meetings. As a result it was apparent that there were some stands that had to ask firms to come back and see them later as they ran out of demonstration pods whilst others had little to do. We were in the former of these camps but there were suppliers with stands close to us who would tell a very different story.

“I would be very surprised if we do not sign at least one 100 user plus system as a direct result of being at the show which as you know will justify the cost of being there and give us some change.

“We have already booked the same slot again for next year.”

8 replies on “More on Islington Legal IT show”

So did anyone see Simon Mayhew of AlphaLaw (I mean IRIS) at Islington – or has he already gone to spend more time with his money.

The answer is 'no' because I think you were having a dig at Simon Meehan.

If you are going to take the piss out of someone it usually helps if you know who they are!

Working for one of the PMS vendors at Legal IT I was initially concerned that it would be a 'slow' event especially with all the snow. It was our best yet, my colleague even signed a firm up on the stand and no this wasn't some staged publicity stunt.
Perhaps the highlight of the event was realising the irony of asking Martin Leuw if he was in the market for a PMS system before realising who he was!

yes – had good chat with Simon. One of the true gentlemen in this sector. Good luck to him- having spent 20 years plus at a company, building it up and keeping it afloat when other around have fallen. Simon's departure will be a loss to the sector and I wish him the very best of luck with whatever he choses to do next.

On behalf of our clients I must take issue with the anonymous PMS supplier who said (and I quote) :-
” ….the ones that didn’t turn up [to the Islington Legal IT show] were the leaflet collectors and local authority representatives that didn’t have anything else to do.”
Iken Business is a market leading supplier of legal software to the public sector, with a local authority client base of over 60 authorities. Our clients work extremely hard and have a great deal to do. Accountability to the public purse means that they have to approach legal software procurement transparently and rigorously, typically undertaking a high degree of research prior to purchase. This is why they would typically visit exhibitions.
Whilst each type of organisation has subtly different pressures our experience is that local government lawyers work under extremely high pressure and are subject to constant scrutiny (eg from auditors and press). They are committed to making optimal decisions within programmes of continuous business improvement. Local government lawyers were, for instance, amongst the earliest adoptors of the Lexcel standards.
It's a pity that the author of that unfortunate remark has so little respect for this market and chooses to hide behind anonymity.

Oh I'm sorry. I didn't see your stand at the exhibition.
In your post you say “This is why they would typically visit exhibitions”. If my potential clients were going to be there I would have made an effort to be there too.
It is a pity that the author of that unfortunate remark has so little respect for their own prospects they choose not to turn up.

These comments are starting to get bitchy (says Acid Tongue Christian) – let's hear how many suppliers have already signed up for 2010?

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