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Morisons jump Elite ship – move to Pilgrim rather than 3E

This story has been removed at the request of Morisons LLP and Pilgrim.

12 replies on “Morisons jump Elite ship – move to Pilgrim rather than 3E”

this is an odd post – these guys have only got about 25 lawyers, so presumably they could not afford 3E, but why didn't they bother to look at Aderant? – nice web site though

Is it just me? Am I reading this right? Morisons use Elite and one of the cited concerns for not staying with Elite is getting a timely and accurate conversion from Enterprise to 3E? Surely this should just be a well rehearsed sausage machine process for them? An intelligent PMS consultant will tell you that any conversion work should be doable when:
you know the source and target systems,
you have the data mapping
you understand the scope
It should be very easy (and profitable) work for Elite.
If Morison's concerns are founded then this is troubling for anyone considering moving from ANYTHING (including Enterprise!) to 3E in a timely and/or accurate fashion?
If Morison's concerns are unfounded then you have to ask why have they got this impression from Elite?
Poor working relationship?
Poor support experience?
Lack of client care?

…and the fact their both based in Edinburgh, Scotland; nothing to do with local business connections or networks of couse. This is purely a case of social networks, and nothing to do with innovative technical\financial decisions. Aderant\Elite are miles ahead of any other software vendor in terms of technology and platform…

I think the previous poster has it. This firm is too small for 3E, and arguably Enterprise. Well done to the fella who sold it in there in the first place. You might shoehorn Expert in there on a fixed scope as it's comparable to Enterprise but you'd be paying to be back where you started – a small firms who's needs will never be a focus. Given the local small firm provider will probably do it cheaper, provide for all the needs of this firm for the next 3-5 years, and do it probaly a lot cheaper the decision was probably a pretty easy one.

The word is Chadwick Lawrence has just done the same thing – realised Aderant Expert was a bit too big for their needs & switched over to FWBS Indigo

This is Surreal, posting comments on an item thats no longer there.

It said the firm was dropping Elite Enterprise and rather than go to Elite 3E was opting for Pilgrim Lawsoft – however somewhere along the line Pilgrim and Morisons got themselves in a muddle over who had approved the quotes in the press release, so they asked, begged, pleaded to have it pulled. You can still read the story in this week's Insider however. (And readers of this blog wonder why I tear my hair out over the activities of PRs and marketing peeps.) CC

This opens up a whole new way of passing the day. Charles can we have the facility to enter a story above that we think would fit the comments made!!

Hmm, that's dangerously close to how lawyers make their money.. 🙂

Surely that post deserves the Knoblist award for most astute observer of theorangerag.

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