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Naughty, Naughty consultants & vendors

It is not big, it is not clever, you are just naughty boys who need to put your money where your mouthes are…

Earlier today we sent out an emailing offering a special offer to subscribers for the LawTech Futures event – the message quite clearly said the details were in the attached PDF. This states that is a special offer for law firms etc however this hasn't stopped All the World & His Uncle Consultants & Vendors trying to scrounge free tickets.

Why can't they have free tickets? Because it is unfair on the vendors who are sponsoring the event or paid for stand space. So, if you are a consultant or a vendor who wants to come to the event, you can come but you have to pay the commercial rate. This, incidentally, is also exactly the same policy as all major legal conferences operate. We'll be re-emailing the invitation but here are those terms you have been studiously ignoring…

Conditions of Invitation & Acceptance:
·         This invitation is offered to subscribers of the Legal Technology Insider without cost – Typical value £490 + VAT
·         Should you not be able to attend this event, this invitation is transferable to other full time members/employees of your Firm, Chambers’ or Corporate Legal Department
·         All guests must be directly employed with your Firm, Chambers’ or Corporate Legal Department
·         This invitation is not to be offered or transferred to consultants, vendors or suppliers
·         This invitation cannot be re-sold, redeemed or exchanged for cash or credit
·         All acceptances must be registered via the online ‘Delegate Registration’ page at
·         All acceptances must register LTisub100 within the ‘Invitation/Discount Code’ area within the online registration form at time of registration, or the typical value may be charged
·         Netlaw Media reserves the right to cancel any invitation at its discretion & without explanation
·         Netlaw Media reserves the right to cancel all invitations when this event reaches full capacity – subscribers of the Legal Technology Insider are urged to register quickly as this event will sell out.
·         Only registrations made via the on-line delegate registration page will be accepted, under no circumstances will entry be offered at the door.

2 replies on “Naughty, Naughty consultants & vendors”

maybe you should clean up your e-mail lists then. Not to filter out all us naughty consultants and vendors – pot and kettle!!!
As the saying goes, if an offer seems to good to be true, it usually isn't!
Or was this just a clever ruse to whip up more demand.

No, its not a clever ruse – but it does reveal the worryingly limited comprehension skills of a lot of IT vendors, consultants and legal publishers. No wonder law firm IT departments have such low opinions of so many of them …CC

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