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NCCG carrying out a survey with a difference

The Neil Cameron Consulting Group (NCCG) is currently carrying out an IT survey that aims to go further into the breakdown of the IT Department and IT spend than any other survey that has been done in the past. It will provide law firms with anonymous comparative information such as:
• average size of IT dept in relation to the total number of users, and the total number of fee-earners
• average relative size of the different functions within the IT dept
• various ratios of the number of full time staff versus the number of contractors
• the ratio of PSLs to fee-earners
• the average IT staff overhead per office
Plus the usual information such as:
• average IT spend per fee earner
• average IT send as a proportion of turnover
• average annual IT staff turnover
Already 25% of Top 200 law firms have participated, as well as smaller firms, and more results are coming in all the time. The results of this survey will be available in a few months and should you wish to participate please contact Jill Bazalgette at NCCG on for a copy of the spreadsheet.