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Neil Cameron Consulting Group – taking care of business

Neil Cameron has decided that he has been hiding the work of the Neil Cameron Consulting Group (NCCG) under a bushel for too long

“We do great work and our clients really like what we do.  We represent the major truly independent consulting force in legal IT in the UK.  Almost all of our work is from client referrals and word of mouth, but we have fallen behind with blowing our own trumpet – well, no more. Here are some recent examples of work that the team has successfully undertaken. 

“I’ve been doing some really interesting stuff recently too; but unfortunately all of it is covered by NDA.  What I can share is my new regular article series known as Ruminations, which is available on our web site. The first Ruminations covered a variety of issues including Microsoft Office 2010 and iPad in Law Firms, and the most recent topic is Why Humans Cannot Plan, which discusses the human and psychological problems that cause poor project forecasting.” 
www.neilcameronconsulting.comand you can catch Neil at this week's LexisNexis user conference.

• Clive Morris works on Aldridge Brownlee system PMS procurement and implementation
According to Paul Sherman, FD of Aldridge Brownlee: “As part of Aldridge Brownlee’s strategic growth plans we decided to update our Practice Management System – the next question was where to start looking? We engaged with Neil Cameron to assist us in this search, and their experience and approach were invaluable helping us identify the right choice of package – Pilgrim Systems, LawSoft software. Once the choice had been made then we set ourselves a challenging timeframe in which to implement the new system – Project Management was clearly a major consideration. We wanted someone who could monitor progress, keep us on track, whilst not getting too involved in day to day implementation issues – taking a “helicopter” view of the situation.  Clive Morris from Neil Cameron Consulting Group was invaluable as Project Manager and as a sounding board, and the whole project was completed on time and within budget.”

• Jill Bazalgette a key element in major case implementation at Weightmans
According to Stuart Whittle, Head of IT and Operations at Weightmans: “We are an early adopter of the LexisNexis dna product and the project has not been an easy one given the infancy of the product. We employed Jill Bazalgette from Neil Cameron Consulting Group to Project Manage this major move for us. This proved to be a good move as Jill has been invaluable in her work with the suppliers and my department and keeping us all on track and informed.

“We went live on the dna schema back in November 2009.  Jill and the project team then worked hard to get our pilot team live on dna in May 2010. This involved, converting some 4500 FED case plans to dna workflows, running performance tests to continue improving the performance of dna and migrating the Pilot group’s cases. In the middle of this LexisNexis had a change of Project Manager but Jill continued to push forward with the agreed project plan so that this did not have a detrimental effect on the delivery. We have now been running with dna in our pilot group for a few months and are planning an aggressive roll out plan for the rest of the firm.”

• Mike Fisher has completed his assignment with Farrer & Co to provide assistance in the selection of a new PMS and the subsequent implementation of Aderant.
Sue Shale, Partner & Chief Financial Officer commented: “Mike Fisher from the Neil Cameron Consulting Group assisted Farrer & Co in selecting and implementing the Aderant Practice Management System, replacing the previous Axxia system.  After the PMS products evaluation and contract negotiations, Mike Fisher was appointed by Farrer & Co as PMS implementation Project Manager.  He successfully managed the implementation team that included Farrer & Co staff from their Finance, Accounts and IT teams together with representatives from among the Partners, Fee Earners and secretaries alongside the Aderant team and other third parties.  Mike was in this role for the duration of the project, which lasted over a year, and brought the project to a successful conclusion and on budget”
(Mike is currently working on another major PMS procurement project in London.) 

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This is good to know, I was wondering where NCCG had got to. I guess the focus on smaller firms is consistent with their positioning as a “management consulting” style of IT consultant. The larger firms tend to need more technical expertise from their PMs.

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