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Neil Cameron on bribery, legal IT and doing lunch

Great article here by our favourite consultant Neil Cameron on the new UK Bribery Act, its impact on doing business in the legal IT world – and whether this means the end of the big fat business lunch? The article also reveals that, in 1994, Neil Cameron submitted the largest entertaining expenses claim ever seen at the accountants KPMG, from either partners or staff members. We like your style Neil – and this article…

2 replies on “Neil Cameron on bribery, legal IT and doing lunch”

Its amazing how much cheese costs in the top restaurants!!

Hmm… one man's dinner is another's flight to Sydney is it not? especially if they cost virtually the same…! So, beware all those attending Legal I.T. did you know that probability plays little part in whether you actually win the iPad in the vendor's 'business card raffle' – no problem, just donate it to charity if you win to avoid bribery allegations…

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