Neota Logic and content management solution provider Repstor have announced an integration between their two products for the legal sector that will automate the client onboarding and matter creation process in a solution delivered by partner Transform Data International (TDI).

When registering a new client within the practice management system, an email will be sent to the responsible lawyer to conduct a risk assessment using Neota’s decision tree technology, which will take the lawyer through a process to decide if the client is low, medium or high risk (depending on the parameters set by the firm).

Low risk means that Neota will automatically refer the matter back to the PMS, at which point Neota will, through an integration with Repstor, trigger the creation of a new client matter in Repstor’s legal matter management solution, Custodian for Legal. More complex matters will initiate a process for additional approval.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Rob Kubben, managing partner of TDI, said: “Repstor integrates fully with Outlook, which is the primary interface. One of the first steps might be to create an engagement letter. We typically create a right-click menu that starts Neota, so if you want to create a SPA, the Neota app pops up. We can extract from Repstor the client name, matter or whatever metadata you need to build an entire document.”

The integration of Repstor Custodian for Legal with Neota Logic will allow law firms to embed Neota applications in SharePoint. This will enable users to provide their clients with self-service tools, such as data-breach advisors, document creation or request forms to request assistance with a new case and perform an online triage.

Kubben said: “We know the market is asking for this. If you look at other document automation providers you can enter simple clauses but with Neota, if for example, you have two addresses, you can simply connect to Google Maps and it will calculate the distance. It’s different to any other document automation platform.”

TDI, which first announced a partnership with Neota in 2016, was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. Kubben joined TDI as managing partner in 2015. He started his career in IT at IRIS Netherlands and was a senior iManage WorkSite consultant.

While Big Law firms such as Clifford Chance, Winkworth Sherwood, and Lewis Silkin have moved away from SharePoint as a document management system, Kubben told Legal IT Insider: “Office 365 is a game-changer. Previously big law firms need to keep servers in house and work with SharePoint on-premises. It wasn’t scalable and SharePoint got a bad name. But when we look at O365 and what is coming with SharePoint online, compared with other DMS providers you have to buy separate workflow or BI tools or custom connectors, they are all available in O365.”

He adds: “Where previously you had to do the customisation, the gaps are closed by Repstor.”

In June, TDI announced that Custodian will bring new control, templating and lifecycle management capabilities for Microsoft Teams.