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NetDocuments in another DMS swapout

Frost Brown Todd, a full service law firm with offices in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and West Virginia, just announced that it will replace its legacy on-premise document management system with NetDocuments cloud-based service.

Frost Brown Todd, a full service law firm with offices in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and West Virginia, just announced that it will replace its legacy on-premise document management system with NetDocuments cloud-based service.

“After evaluating the various players in the market, we selected NetDocuments because their modern approach to this technology provides us with the security, accessibility and collaborative features that we need to operate in the coming years,” Paul Bromwell, Chief Information Officer, stated.  “Ease of use and simple but effective integration were other key components that we looked at and NetDocuments is a winner in both areas.”

COMMENT: Insider sources suggest this was another HP iManage swapout and NetDocuments say they now have “over 100 iManage swaps” plus “many more OpenText and Worldox switches… It’s our time to capture the market and the prospects are starting to queue up…” In fact the only reverse we know of is US firm Hausefield & Co, where the 15-user London office rejected NetDocuments in favour of iManage. Primarily for email management we understand.

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Charles your insider source is very droll but sadly appears to be utterly delusional. I suggest you might check your source figures and ask for real firm names next time. As far as I am aware in The UK not a single firm has moved from iManage to NetDocs and in fact the reverse is true as you report. I suspect if you checked worldwide you would find a slack handful of firms have gone from one supplier to the other and its probably about level pegging at the moment. I understand its in your interest to whip up a storm but can we just keep to facts in future. I think we have all moved on from the hummingbird mud slinging days and so, despite being guilty in the past, I would prefer to not sink back to that if its ok?

Actually the story DOESN’T say UK law firms have switched -it’s talking about the US law firm market.

This is quite fun and as we know each other well here is a light hearted Challenge for Charles to Check the Facts First!
I would suggest that you should simply ask the “insider source” for a list of the 100 firms, in any part of the world, as I suspect you are just being fed a marketing story/ fairy tale and that does not really help anyone.
If you can produce and validate this alleged list of 100 Firms I will be happy to personally treat you and the MD of NetDocs for dinner at my expense and donate £2,000 of my own money to a charity of your choice. If you cannot produce the full list I suggest a charitable denotation for every “missing/none existent Firm” of £50 to “Help for Hero’s”
So to be clear if the list of 100 Firms only has say 10 real names you would donate £4,500. If it had 50 names you would donate £2,500.
So do you want to play “Challenge Charles”!
Cheers Geoff

Fraid I didn’t win the BP deal commission so I follow my rule of never betting against millionaires.

So from that flattering but guarded response can I draw the conclusion that you also have very serious doubts about the data you published? If that’s the case and you dont want to risk your money ( ver wise) how about a compromise – you check the facts and in the mean time take down the fairy tale data, as it will simply amuse but confuse. If you publish a public retraction and explain that you have probably been dazzled by pixie dust or similar I will still take you for lunch and donate some cash to a charity of your choice. Cheers Geoff

Geoff – you know as well as I do that US law firms are virtually paranoid about talking about the IT systems they buy, whereas in the UK firms have a more relaxed “whatever” approach. Tell you what, I’ll offer HP £4500 to take their Autonomy business off their hands.

I have enjoyed our banter and but forgive me if I end on a serious note. Your journal is widely read in the legal community and you have a duty to your readers to check facts before you publish. The figure of 100 conversations simply has no basis in fact. In fact is so far from reality to be a joke.
I would suggest that a mere slack handful of firms have converted from one system to the other. That counts for conversions in both directions. Hiding behind the excuse that your source can not name names is just feeble and frankly they ” should put up or shut up”
So can I ask you to remove the quote or state that this is unsubstantiated and as such the reader may wish to treat it with the contempt that it deserves.

We hear that iManage is now offering a hosted version of WorkSite – so HP are now fighting apples with apples. It will be interesting to see what impact this has NetDocuments. It won’t kill them but it may contain them. Also interesting to note the DMS battle is still being fought by dedicated DMS solutions providers and that SharePoint DMS products are still failing to make the splash that was promissed. OK, they are making a splash but they are drowning, not waving.

Usual for this rag.. happy to publish unsupported stories without a care. Time to close it down if if cant print facts. Who wants to read bullshit.

No doubt wont publish this fact either

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